The Shadow Owners Club the Netherlands exists 15 years, and we celebrate with a party from Thursday June 4. until Sunday June 7. 2020.

All members of SHOC clubs and friendly motorcycle clubs and motorcycle friends are invited to this party.

June 1. 2020

Corona virus update 3

On March 12, we were all startled by a statement from the government concering the corona virus. They announced a lock-down and imposed far-reaching measures that severely limited the freedom of movement of each of us. We had to cancel the 15 anniversary SHOC.NL party. The party committee still owes a statement to the participants for this late cancellation.

Many of you thought it was irresponsible for us to let this event go through and not cancel it or give notice of cancellation. We too had come to the conclusion at an early stage, that the party could not continue given the circumstances. However, it was not wise to cancel at that time. If we had, we would have had to pay a lot of cancellation costs, because there was no reason to cancel. The measures only applied until 28 April. Our event was still far after this date, June 4 - 7. The landlord of the accommodation 'de Korhoen' rightfully kept us to the general terms and conditions as they were of the opinion, against the better judgment, that after this period all restrictions could be lifted again.
We have sent several emails to the landlord, arguing that the property, with the new rules in place, was not suitable to hold and accommodate an event of 70 to 140 people. Multiple reasons such as the 1.5 mtr. distance from each other, the toilets that had to remain closed, the meal distribution and the bedrooms too small to meet the new standards, making it impossible to accommodate the intended number of people in a responsible manner. Despite all the arguments on our side, we were held to the lease and the general terms and conditions and we would have to pay a lot of money in cancellation costs if we canceled ourselves without legal basis. It was better to wait until more was known later and whether the measures would be extended by the government.
At this moment we have received the letter from the landlord that unfortunately the party can not continue. Not us now, but they have canceled. And we are with them in written negotiation to resolve and settle the matter. Unfortunately, these negotiations are very difficult.

This is the reason why we only communicated it to the registered participants so shortly before the start of the meeting. All registration fees that we have received from the participants have now been repaid to them.

April 5. 2020

Corona virus update 2

On March 31, the Dutch government announced measures against COVID-19 virus extended until April 28. For the time being, the date of June 1 has remained. Until then, events subject to licensing are prohibited. At the same time, there are signs that the number of hospital admissions is slowly decreasing.
It remains unclear how the situation will develop. It may become more clear in the week before April 28. A subsequent update will also be available on this website.
We hope that after June 1 much will be back to normal and that our party can continue. It is impossible to say what the situation will be in the countries around us. We understand that everyone is faced with this uncertainty.
The organization informs that we will extend the registration period for the party until the start of the party. So you can decide to come to the party shortly before the start of the party. Registration then follows at the reception at the location of the party.

March 17. 2020

Corona virus update 1

The measures against the COVID-19 virus have recently been tightened again. The goal is to spread the peak of infections over time so that our healthcare system is not overloaded.
It is quite possible that there are still measures in force on the date of our party.It is currently unclear how this will develop.For the time being, the Netherlands, and many other countries, will largely be shut down until April 6.
Given the uncertain situation, it is still too early to make a decision about whether or not to continue the party. So for now the party continues.
However, if we have to cancel the party at a later time because it is very likely on the date of the party that there are still restrictive measures in force for travel and meetings of groups of people, we will refund the payments of your registrations.
The party committee closely follows the developments regarding COVID-19 and will regularly update this website. Check this website regularly for news.

Announcement of the new SHOC Netherlands club in 2005.

We have found a nice location, "De Korhoen" in Evertsoord. This is about 55 km east of the place where the ESM is always held. See the Accommodation and Route page for a Google Maps map of "De Korhoen".

360° Frontside photo of "De Korhoen"

The location offers 140 sleeping places in the form of bunk beds in 8 rooms. There is also a camping field available where you can place your own tent if you want more privacy. There is limited space for caravans and motorhomes. You can find more information about the camping field and camper pitches on the Camping and motorhomes page.
If you do not want to spend the night in a bunk bed or a camping site, there is the option to spend the night in a hotel nearby (3km distance). The costs for the hotel are extra and for your own account.( GR8 Hotel Sevenum )

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the registration price of 100 euros per person. Drinks will be available at the bar in the main room and are for your own account. You can find more about the program on the Program page.

It is advised to register as a group so that we can organize the group into a room. The group then sleeps in a room together. An explanation of how to do this is on the Registrations page.

Questions and messages: see our Facebook page.